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We're just not certain exactly how much of the detail has been shared with DPI. It's one of those things where you wonder if the aid would be there if the right questions were asked.

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We pay the leaders a stipend. The band boosters are believed to also financially award the leaders. Kids are required to pay a hefty fee Yet they use our fields and facilities free of charge. Isn't summer school supposed to be at no charge to students? Then why do they have to pay an enormous fee? Will the SOSP open its books for inspection to the district we seriously doubt it Where does all this money go? We still have a lot of questions As we've said before But that does not relive them of their responsibility to pay for the use of facilities.

Captain's Log June This month the facility rental agreement follies i.

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This planet is headed for disaster. No progress made. There's no sign of intelligent life here. We find only a colony mired in petty personal agendas and shenanigans. It is an exhausting table of foils, fumbles, and errors.

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It is a tale spiced with egos and attitudes. To change the policy KG A lot of revenue was generated, but all we hear is whining that "we don't make that much". Let;s get crazy back on the bus. And teachers say they aren't appreciated? We find We're not sure whether there were any happy endings. For "services" rendered? The funding came from the "Pepsi money". WHAT Pepsi money? Please don't tell us we paid for substitutes!

4-Day Follies

And isn't this the time that these "professional educators" are supposed to be working on lesson prep and grading papers? There has been a lot of poor data coming out of the district, but now we see that the icing on that cake is poor decisions. What on earth led anyone to believe that this was OK? Is this yet another instance where Tim Culver was outside the loop?

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Did the school board know? Where dd all this occur?

Some back alley in dimly lit rooms? We have a lot of questions Stay tuned. Do we need district training in how not t make poor decisions? Don't we nag kids about the importance of making good decisions. It just continues to be one step forward and several leaps backward. Was the "Manly Man's" package an option? The district pays 5.

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Much like Mumbai Indians with Rohit Sharma, who took over from Ricky Ponting midway through the season and led them to the first of three titles. Similarly, David Warner succeeded Shikhar Dhawan as Sunrisers Hyderabad captain in , and that made all the difference as they won the title in Ahead of the edition of the tournament, most teams have their captains firmly in place, but there is uncertainty among a few. Does that mean they start on the back foot? The last IPL was a terrific one for Dhoni. After a lean , when calls for his axing from the national side grew louder, Dhoni put forward his best at the IPL — both with the bat and as captain — to lead an ageing Chennai to another trophy.

So far in , Dhoni has had a better time of it.

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It seems he is fine-tuning his game for what will be a massive World Cup for him. Another victorious IPL season will do him wonders. This is a big year for Kohli. Bangalore finished sixth in , with their big problem once again a somewhat toothless bowling department. Rohit Sharma is the most successful captain in the tournament, apart from Dhoni, after he led Mumbai to three titles. He is also one of those players whose best is brought out by captaincy. The thing with Mumbai is the pressure.