Cook! Easy Recipes For The Busy Wellness Warrior

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In this interactive, hands-on demo, you'll spend time with Tracy cooking, along with discussing and planning for easy meals to mix it up. Perfect for our busy lives!

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Learn how to plan efficiently and use the freshest of ingredients to make your life easier. You'll create 3 main entrees, each with packed with vibrancy and health:.

She is a lifelong lover of food, a mom of 3, has worked in the entertainment business for 20 years, a baker, recipe experimenter and wellness nut. Her mom, a great cook inspired her passion in the kitchen and spreading love through food. Every holiday involved a cake and special meal. Growing up in a predominantly Hispanic town in California, she was also exposed to that culture and cuisine. These simple steps for improving your wellness are meant to help you take a holistic approach to your down time and bring harmony to your whole entire week.

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Keep reading for my five tips on taking the end out of week end and making it the beginning of a fun and restorative experience. Why be a part-time weekend warrior when you can be a full-time wellness warrior?

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Walk to places you can reasonably get to on foot, or just park a little farther away to ensure you get a little activity. Take breaks from your computer to stretch, practice some quick and moderate body weight exercises, or just walk down the hallway and back. Because who has time for that?

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Have you ever felt like it was impossible to get everything done? My trick is to look at my to do list and just pick one thing that I know I can accomplish.

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Action motivates action. Take this habit with you into the workweek and see where you go from there!

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  • The best way to feel young at heart is to continue challenging yourself. Being open minded helps us be more present in the day. Try breaking from your weekend routine with a little adventure and see if this creative flow continues along past Sunday!

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    Sometimes after a busy week, you just want to stay in and chill out. I fully support you doing whatever it is you need to do to practice your self care, even if that means not being a social butterfly on the weekends.