Darkness Splintered: Book 6 in series (Dark Angels)

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Darkness Splintered has Risa experiencing a roller coaster ride of emotions, but Arthur allows Risa to really grow as the book progresses. I liked seeing the stronger more focused Risa, and with Risa's mission still not complete I am looking forward to seeing what happens in her next adventure. Received a copy of Darkness Splintered through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Risa is in a pretty bad state.

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Her father of course jumps right in and threatens the life of her friends so she has no time to wallow in her misery and jumps right back into the fray of finding the keys. There is plenty of action, suspense, danger and romance at every turn of the page.

I was disappointed in Risa as the book started. She not only put herself in danger but also the baby she is carrying. Thankfully her pity party doesn't last long. I am so over Risa's Dad, Madeline Hunter and all the others threatening her and using her to get what they want.

Darkness Splintered

I can not wait until she opens up a can of you know what and puts them all in their place. I just KNOW that it is coming. It has to right? I am a tad disappointed I guess I like that word today with the pregnancy so far. Where is her morning sickness, her fear of hurting the baby? I just wasn't feeling it but then again it is still early on so maybe that is why.

I can say without a shadow of doubt though that I have enjoyed watching Risa grow and adapt to her situation. I really can't wait to see how everything ends. The series is almost over, only 1 book left. Will Risa take her enemies down a peg? Will she close the gates? Will we get to see her baby born? So many questions, I am excited to find out the answers.

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The sixth book finds Risa in a funk after losing the second key, having Azriel save her life but preventing her from ever seeing her mother again in the afterlife and killing her mother's killer. She is regretting her decision to send Azriel away as both her father and Hunter have ramped up the pressure on her to get the missing keys and turn them over to one of them. Her father threatens to kill her roommate's girlfriend while Hunter sends out an assassin to kill someone close to her.

Finally Risa gives in to the pressures and tells her Uncle what is going on.

The plus was there was no side mission in this book but a new subplot about taking down Hunter gets added to the storyline. Not sure how everything is going to end since the series is almost done and I really can't see who will get the keys since so many people want them and they all have excellent pressures on her. Digital copy provided by the publisher through Netgalley. As a long-time reader of this author, I was rather surprised that I didn't enjoy this book as much as I have the others.

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She needs to recover the 2nd key that'll open the gates to Heaven and Hell, as well as locate the 3rd key. And all the while different factions are putting more pressure on her to get the keys for them. The threats to her friends are becoming more dangerous. She's also realized that sending Azriel away was a mistake; she loves him. Unlike the prior books in this series, Risa is only dealing with locating the keys and the sorcerers who worked with Lucian.

There is plenty of fighting action and a lot of theory detail as Risa tries to reason things out and look for clues and gates. Included in that is information from characters and action from prior books. Thankfully the author gives enough information to keep you following along even if you don't immediately recall who or what she's talking about.

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The search for the last key to the gates of hell has begun, and half-werewolf, half-Aedh Risa Jones is in more danger than ever—and one misstep could prove ruinous. And for Risa, that comes with an alarming ultimatum: hand over the last key to Hunter or, one by one, her loved ones will die. Darkness Splintered.