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Richard and many other leading sustainability thinkers are among the 14, signatories. The Fermi Paradox — Where is everybody?

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I always come back to this statement when I read or hear discussion about economics and human civilization and what we need to do. Every action taken by our species on this planet is in service of one thing: catering to the secretion of hormones in a bag of electricity and water we call the human body. We emote. We cry and laugh. We fight and hurt.

We do terrible things in the name of getting more for ourselves. All because our body system is a response to fear and environmental changes. We are a specific set of biological and physical factors that manifests as a requirement for a particular set of variables to exist and maintain that existence. Any non-cognizant entity, rocks or rivers for example, have never started wars or an economic system, committed a murder or harmed another. This is unique to cognition entwined with biology.

Whereas RNA sequencing is the basis for biological development, emotional need is the basis for every malady we have ever, and will continue to face. I am not against human emotion in any way. Love and memorable experiences are intrinsic to our biology and because we are what we are, I would never want to take that away from our condition. As long as we remain the form we take, we will always succumb to base brain actions and desires. Not to steal from anyone, but it has been said that, for a long time we thought the limbic system was governed by the cortex, but we now know that the reverse is true.

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That, combined with a limited memory and each successive generations requirement of learning from the ground up results in a consistent set of terrible actions, mental health conditions, and physical ailments. I believe the best shot we have as a species is to transfer consciousness into a synthetic version of ourselves.

I know that sounds unemotional and insensitive. I promise you I am not trying to be anti-human or a non-caring individual who is out to get humanity. Law is important, but only in an existence where biological, and hence physical harm can be done. I once read someone was asked what a law was. The response stayed with me. In the absence of conflict, there is no need for a law. Court systems, academics, economics, global warming, politics, corporations, disease, war, famine, everything contingent upon biology….

As we merge with digital, every possibility is available. We could emulate our current existence without any of the aforementioned maladies and conflicts. As a species, we have by any measure, just shown up on the cosmological stage.

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Fermi Paradox — where is everybody? It moves inward, not outward. And once intelligence is digitized, all answers and possible outcomes are simultaneously understood, contrived and executed. Artificial intelligence has been stated as the last invention of humanity. The pace of technology will outpace the need to do so. I see that possibility in my lifetime.

Whereas certain technologies become an industry disruptor……. AI and the digitization of human cognition will be a humanity disruptor. When it happens, and the option to opt out of biology takes hold, the transition will happen quicker than biological systems can fathom and will be replaced exponentially rather than linearly.

The advent of AI is the precursor to, and catalyst for this exponential change. I say within 50 years this option will be present.

Ray Kurzweil says by as early as It does not eliminate human existence or the ability to feel per se. But it will enhance in ways that have nothing to do with biological constraint or strife. Literally no intelligent life outside lower life forms. There would be no need for a giant rock, filled with genetic disposition, hovering in 4 dimensional space-time any longer. All things transferred to a ray of light, or whatever form is possible that we simply cannot comprehend with our limited, emotionally driven, limbic system dominating existence.

This article and the corresponding arguments mine included seem so elementary in comparison to such a realization. We are still knuckle dragging bags of water and electricity looking for the dopamine hit. But, and this is my entire point…. It is only important to a species that wants to exist. The planet is fine. It just is. That word, as with all others, is tied to biology. We are just a bunch of flesh on a rock in space. Digitization is not some magical, predetermined destiny for humanity. Like genes to consciousness.

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There is nothing special about us. This is about keeping some sense of cognition about natural processes. Nothing more. I love a sunset, music, the warmth of another human I have intense feelings for, my children, my future. I AM human.

I DO feel. This is my design. I just feel we can experience that and so much more when the constraints of biology are superseded, without suffering or worrying about how to keep such a fragile, cognitively limited, genetically driven entity alive and ever seeking of the dopamine hit that satisfies the limbic portion of our cognitive ability. This is just my opinion, and I love hearing others opinions because I love to learn. I am always open to new ideas and an ever changing perception of reality, but again….

This article, like every other before it, is the result of a biological system. We need to move past this to survive. AI will be the greater and more pervasive intelligence on this planet within 20 years, and we will beg to a part of the greater knowledge and immortality that comes with the mergence of our cognition with it. Throw your phone out. I dare you.