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In November , there was an incident where a chunk of ice fell from the sky and crashed through the roof of a home in Bristol , England. Blue ice can also be dangerous to the aircraft itself; the National Transportation Safety Board has recorded three very similar incidents where waste from lavatories caused damage to the leaking aircraft. Nobody was injured. Only one report specifically mentions ice, [10] while another mentions "soft body FOD " foreign object damage , [11] indicating that the damage was caused by a relative soft object like ice or a bird and not a metallic object or a stone.

Blue ice became known to many people from the Season 3 Finale of the HBO series Six Feet Under , in which a foot-sized chunk drops on a bystander. It was also mentioned in The Big Bang Theory. The title of the film Blue Ice is a reference to the phenomenon. Blue ice was also featured in an episode of the television series MythBusters. Blue ice is a cause of death in season 4 of Ways to Die.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Santa Cruz Sentinel. Archived from the original on Retrieved The Living in Everyday Earth Web site reports there have been at least 27 documented blue-ice incidents nationally in the past 24 years.

The Night King is coming

Fox News. Associated Press. October 21, June 7, Some of them, mostly Tyrion Lannister, are very witty and humorous no matter what the situation, so that provides a little relief sometimes. Some of them you will forget about entirely, as a whole book might go by before they pop up again. If you like to feel safe and secure when reading a book, this series is not for you.

Nothing is sacred, no one is safe. Bad things happen to good people, and vice versa. If I had been reading a paper book, I would have a lot of holes in my walls from repeatedly throwing the books against them. However, reading them has given me plenty of practice climbing the walls. Unfortunately, as a woman, I would still not be able to become a Black Brother. No one is happy in any of the seven kingdoms.

The only joy comes from vengeance or, more rarely, justice. I hate books like that! I have given the series 5 stars because I could not stop reading once I had started, no matter how angry it made me. I would never have read these books if my sons had not hounded me into it. But wait--no--I have no sons. That was that other woman who lived before she embarked on the torturous journey that is Game of Thrones.

Highly recommend this book if you enjoy the television series.

There are some differences, but the history is richer in the novel s and I found it easier to follow. However, Mr. Dotrice's narration leaves a lot to be desired. His voice is harsh and gruff, which doesn't lend itself to a plethora of various characters I found the voice of Tywin especially obnoxious - forcibly pompous, uttering 2 or 3 words between lengthy pauses and breaths, like the worst caricature of a fat old British member of parliament. His interpretation of the pronounciation of the characters' names was inconsistent - "Joffrey" became "Jeffrey" at one point, "Hodor" was used interchangeably with "Hodar," and the Stark matriarch was sometimes "Catt-lin" and other times "Cait-lin," just to name a few.

Narration of dialogue in a character's voice sometimes carries over into non-dialogue parts i. I found myself actually surprised this recording was given the thumbs-up for release, especially for a story so wildly popular as this one. The narration almost ruins the book for me. I so wished for a different narrator for the remainder of the series, but alas - if you want to experience Game of Thrones on audiobook, this is what you're stuck with. Would you consider the audio edition of A Game of Thrones to be better than the print version?

Absolutely not. Somebody should have given Mr. Dotrice a style sheet or pronunciation key. And perhaps also reminded him that very few of the characters are grizzled old men. Who would you have cast as narrator instead of Roy Dotrice? Any additional comments?

A Game of Thrones

I read and enjoyed this book so long ago, I thought it would be a nice refresher to listen. The narration is painfully slow and Mr. Dotrice's inconsistent pronunciation of names and places is maddening. There are so many characters to keep track of in these books, but listening to this might leave you thinking there are three times as many! I also hated his creepy Varys voice and daft-sounding Tyrion.

Game of Thrones is an excellently written series, and the books should be recorded with a narrator who does it justice. Roy Dotrice is an absolute legend and his speaking voice is excellent, however he fails to be a good fit for this series. I got through the first two books and gave up somewhere around the third GOT book ,solely because of the narration. All the characters sound like old men, even the ones in their 30s and 40s. Many of the voices have that wet, mealy-mouthed, too much saliva in my throat sound and it is SO distracting.

Drogo sounds like a poor imitation of a cholo gangbanger. I understand the narrator was elderly when he recorded this, but when he attempts to give the characters voices it is just awful and cheesy. Hopefully audible will listen to the countless complaints about this series and invest in re-recording the GOT books with a new and superior narrator. May I suggest Ray Porter? He would do a stupendous job with this material and finally the series would get a talented voice to match the quality of the writing. For now, with the current narrator I can't recommend this purchase unless you truly don't mind bad narration and it won't bother you.

Dotrice makes a slew of mistakes and errors that should have been caught with editing and multiple takes. Not only does he occasionally trip over lines, but he doesn't seem to know how to pronounce a single name in this entire book.

​Ice Cave Tour by Vatnajokull Glacier | Departure from Jokulsarlon

It's incredibly jarring to listen to Brian and P-tire and Sancha. Not only that, but his voices are frequently distracting. Aftere being spoilt for talent in the show, the caricature voices are either too difficult to understand, like Varys slurring his words disgustingly, or downright insulting, as with the strange Warwick Davis impression he seems to be doing for Tyrion. I sincerely hope to find other narrators for the subsequent books, because I have no intention of continuing this series with Dotrice narrating.

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why? Very much enjoying the whole story. Probably not.

  1. ​Ice Cave Tour by Vatnajokull Glacier | Departure from Jokulsarlon.
  2. Blue Bell ice-cream licking video: Suspect identified, police say.

Roy is a good narrator to some extent but he is no Jim Dale. His character voices all sound like 3 Pack a day Camel Unfiltered smokers.

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  • Great story and fantastic narration. I have nothing to add on that front. About the quality, however I'm assuming they recorded from a CD where the last sentence of a disc is repeated as the first sentence of the next disc. Also, the last 40 minutes of Audible's Part 3 were repeated at the beginning of Part 4. Not at all on par with Audible's usual quality Love, love, looooooove this series but good lord-this guy's terrible. I don't understand all the people that like his performance?! His range is horrible. He uses ever so slight variations on the same 2 voices over and over, sometimes inconsistently changing his voice for various parts.

    His only saving grace, for me, is I recognize he has a nice voice but he would have been better off not trying to change his voice at all and just doing straight reading. Michael Kramer would have been brilliant narrating this series. I read a lot of fantasy and sci-fi, and I can promise you that this series of books is among the best.

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    This tale takes place in a land known as the "Seven Kingdoms. The history of these kingdoms is expertly blended into the plot, so that you effortlessly become emersed into the world. I can't overstate the skill with which the author draws the reader into his world.

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    • It feels as if this land, with its people, traditions and history is as real as our own.