Identities Through Fashion: A Multidisciplinary Approach

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Identities Through Fashion

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Thank you. Your review has been submitted and will appear here shortly. An example of one of our customer-first innovations has been our Makeup Genius app, the first real-time digital makeup tool that we launched to allow customers to truly experience products before purchasing. This is an example of innovation that goes beyond our product formula, although it is still rooted in the superiority of our products.

What bold moves have you made to really stand out from the competition and how did you convince your organization to do something more radical than the norm?

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I think that it is more and more necessary to cut through the noise. The question we are faced with is how to stay relevant and competitive and we are answering this question first by being obsessive about being a superior brand and delivering product superiority. There are a couple of strategies we are employing to accomplish this.

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Although we continue to leverage our brand assets and legacy, we are also asking ourselves how to bring a constant level of new excitement and deliver unexpected innovations to our customers. By conducting this experience with over 40 diverse models, among which many were our spokespeople, and various global fashion brands, we were able to showcase our commitment to diverse, inclusive beauty standards.

We were able to generate more than 1. The reason this was so successful is because it had never been done before.

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For me, the winning recipe is to combine something that is consistent with your brand values and identity with something that is different and exciting. This year we decided to renew this exceptional event, but this time with a never-done-before fashion and beauty show on the iconic River Seine, on a floating catwalk. Last year, we did a capsule collection with Balmain and we recently announced a new makeup collection with Isabel Marant, one of the most successful French women fashion designers in the world right now. We also recently launched a new limited-edition, Havana-inspired makeup collection with the singer Camila Cabello.

Our ability to deliver surprising products and activations allows us to cut through the noise and reach our consumers.

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Is there anything that you will be doing in terms of representation in the New York Fashion Week? The point for us is not to represent ourselves as a brand of fashion, but as an expert brand that is rooted in Paris. We are beauty experts and we work very closely with the fashion world, and several of our spokespeople are models.

Fashion weeks are highly concerned with having the best products, so beauty is a core aspect of any fashion week. How have you made the case for brand building or building a strong brand within your company? At the same time, it gives us a huge sense of responsibility. In this sense, it is even more important to be number one rather than second or fifth in the world. You are now leaving this site and you'll be redirected to the Interbrand Global website.