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SAV is important in maintaining the health, productivity and maintenance of our estuaries by offering a sanctuary to various species of fish, turtles and invertebrates. Ocean scientists, like geologists and maritime archaeologists, use sound waves to detect underwater features through the use of sonar.

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This experiment demonstrates how determining the velocity of sound in certain mediums can aid us in scientific discovery. This program provides students the chance to investigate the role vegetation plays in mitigating the effects of storm and surge and wave action. This lesson plan encourages students to think about the energy challenges we as inhabitants of this planet face, and the role alternative energies could play in future power production.

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Community Health Councils CHC is a non-profit, community-based health education and policy organization. Established in , our mission is to promote social justice and achieve equity in community and environmental resources to improve the health and well-being of underserved populations.

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Email Address. Zip Code. Community Health Councils shared a post.

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The California Wellness Foundation. Community Health Councils. Please click Help Build People's Kitchen People's Kitchen need your help to build our permanent home: A space to create holistic approaches to nourishing a community, transforming food waste into feasts whilst sharing skills and resources Celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Volunteers are needed, and students can earn community service credits for the time! For more information and to register, email: volunteer mujeresdelatierra. Free commemorative t-shirts to the 1st volunteers only! You provided a lot of support to our HealthyKidsZone project and we look forward to seeing the great things you will accomplish!