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Love by the Numbers

Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. How We Affect Each Other. Love by the Numbers The latest in relationship research. Bjarne Holmes Ph. He Loves Me Do Sacrifices in Relationships Give Happiness? Are Your Beliefs about Love Realistic? Take the Quiz.

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Embarrassing Moments In Relationships Have you ever been at a party and had your partner make a joke so embarrassing, either so mean-spiritedness or so self-defeating, that you just wanted to melt away? Setting a Higher Standard for Relationship Advice. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. About Love by the Numbers.

The latest and most pertinent peer-reviewed findings from the field of relationship science! Their mind is always active, so you will always been learning new and fascinating things with The Seeker 7! They can fear the worst and expect it too. They can often expect to be disappointment or betrayed by people. Once they learn to trust their intuition and LISTEN to that inner knowing, they will find trustworthy reliable relationships, and know that they can trust life implicitly.

If you are expecting them to be with you all the time, if you are needing constant attention, they are not the right partner for you. In order for them to be truly happy, they need ample peace and quiet to process their highly-attuned intuition. When they learn to combine their analytic minds with their emotional and intuitive aspects, they make for wonderful, balanced and beautiful partners.

These magnetic and magnanimous souls have tons of charisma. Their power and strength attract you. Life with them can be exciting, exhilarating and super fun.

Cecilio & Kapono - Love by the numbers

They have a larger-than-life energy. Everything they do is on a grand scale, so it makes for some exciting adventures. When they are talking with you, they shine so much light on you, you feel like a million bucks or more! They can help you better yourself by their belief in you, and overflowing your cup with awesome energy! Many 8s struggle with money until they learn that they are worthy of receiving it, and can handle the responsibility of managing it.

They also have many spiritual lessons regarding power dynamics. Since they are afraid of seeming too bossy or domineering, they will suppress those instincts, which will often come out unconsciously. They will often keep their emotions locked up, and then resent their partner for stifling them. This is a wonderful quality if you want to know how they feel, but you might want to show them ways to talk to you if you need a little more tact.

They want to make an impact on the world, so can tend toward workaholism. If you remind them to take time to play, life with them can be exhilarating. If you are seeking depth, spiritual insight, and a meaningful conversations, the 9s will keep you infinitely engaged. The 9s are known as the old soul.

Numerology for Relationships – Love by the Numbers

These sensitive souls are very tuned into their intuition. Their kind and compassionate hearts make them great companions, always making sure your deepest emotions are tended to, and that you feel loved. Family issues. Yet, they expect the same from you. Their fear of rejection can have them pushing you away first.

Once the 9s learn to let go of their past hurts and let in the people who want to love them, you will experience a depth of love and understanding that is pure heaven on earth. What lovely luminous lovebugs the 11s are! This Life Path wants nothing more than to make their loved ones happy, while creating a sense of peace and harmony wherever they go.

They can light up any room they are in, while being engaging deep listeners. Always accommodating, they know what makes you happy and will make it their mission to be the best partner you can imagine. Your 11 Life Path partner wants nothing more than to please you and needs to be appreciated for it. Being super-sensitive psychically and emotionally is a wonderful gift, but can often have them taking everything personally. They can feel different than other people, and if they are not using their unique gifts to benefit the world, can need constant reassurance from their loved ones that they are affirmed.

They need ample exercise or else they overthink everything and second-guess their intuition.

They might require you to affirm their choices in twenty different ways until finally listen to themselves and trust their OWN intuition. When they DO trust their amazing insight and are expressing their vibrant gifts with the world, they are the most loving inspiring partners in the world! As a Master Builder, the 22 Life Path needs to be in charge. They have a ton of charisma and a commanding presence, and can be captivating to be around. You can feel safe with them, since security is something they strive for providing for their loved ones.

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You want to have a 22 on your side, because they are fiercely loyal as partners and protectors. They provide for their families with devotion. They are natural teachers too, so love to share their skills and knowledge with anyone who will listen!

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  6. They can get annoyed that their lives feel so restricted because they are so good at building systems and processes. They want a quick fix! Honesty is one of their best qualities, yet they can often be blunt and too direct. You might need to advise them on more diplomatic and kind ways of communicating. Imbued with an intense creativity, they make the world more beautiful wherever they go. The ever-idealist, they want to see the world through the eyes of love, love to be in love. They are extremely partner-ship oriented, so a main focus of their life is to have a happy, healthy romantic relationship.

    They have a sixth sense about people and places, and know just what makes a person or place more joyful. These beauties can raise the vibration of everything around them. They can feel like they are responsible for everyone and everything.

    Discover True Love By the Numbers!

    They have such perfectionist tendencies, and know exactly how things are meant to get done, they most likely CAN do things better than other people. They can sacrifice their well-being trying to please everyone else, and wind up exhausted or sometimes resentful. That means they wind up blaming YOU for not being the ideal version of yourself they projected upon you. Life with them can be beautiful and blissful once these beauties learn to allow you to support them and let go of their perfectionist tendencies.

    When you begin to appreciate the beauty of your differences, and learn from each others strengths, life with ANY Life Path can be romantic, fun, and joyful. They say opposites attract.

    Glynis McCants answers some of your Love By the Numbers questions!

    You can use this guide for ANY type of relationships, not just romantic ones. Your 1 Life Path partner helps you grow because… They need to be in charge so they sometimes fear their own power. Your 2 Life Path partner helps you grow because… These gentle beings are so sensitive! Your 5 Life Path partner helps you grow because… Did you say commitment?

    Your 7 Life Path partner helps you grow because… 7s have a sixth sense about things, but that can sometimes lead to paranoia. Your 9 Life Path partner helps you grow because… Family issues. Your 11 Life Path partner helps you grow because… Your 11 Life Path partner wants nothing more than to please you and needs to be appreciated for it.