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It is a book which is quite big but nonetheless makes very enjoyable reading.

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This is another wonderful depiction of the character of Arnold Landon. Shy and introvert by nature, he is making a living working for the Northumberland Planning Office. However, knowingly or unknowingly he often falls into trouble because of his main passion and interest in life. He wants to know more about the wood structure and ancient stone works of the District. He is working towards uncovering this mystery and has an arrogant professor Brandling to assist him.

He also has another assistant by the name Cy Robinson to assist him. However, his quest is not easy and he has to pick up fights and tiffs along the way. He has to fight with the gypsies who have occupied the land legally. He also has a tough time handling local farmers who are trying to push them away from the town.

Then he has to find out ways to move forward when there is a bitter conflict between the gypsies and the farmers over a gypsy who is found lying in a church area which is not used regularly. This standoff between these two communities becomes tough to handle when Cy Robinson is taken hostage. Shockingly he is later found dead stabbed brutally.

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From here on the story takes many twists and turns which eventually leads to its logical conclusion. The conversations are old fashioned and might sound boring for the modern readers and some of the characters are also brute, coarse and unrefined.

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Hence, it is likely that the characters in particular and the book in general will go well only with those who have special likes and dislikes. At the end of the day, there is no doubt that Roy Lewis has his one unique and wonderful style of writing. His rustic language and the typical countryside banter are very much evident in almost all his books. However, one thing is clear. Each of his work is totally different from the other and therefore readers can be sure that they will be coming across new situations and new circumstances.

This will certainly go a long way in making each and every work highly interesting and captivating. That is perhaps the reason why he continues to be popular even many years of his death. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Book s. The guy is a master!

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    Most Cunning Workmen (Arnold Landon, #2) by Roy Lewis

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