The Shih King Or Book Of Poetry (With Active Table of Contents)

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The Lute Player Li Duan p. The New Wife Wang Jian p. Lady of the Court Zhang Hu p. Confession Du Mu p. Poem of Parting Du Mu p. Spring South of the River Du Mu p. On the Nan-ling River Du Mu p. Garden of the Golden Valley Du Mu p. Traveling among Mountains Du Mu p.

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  7. Le-you Plain Li Shang-yin p. Edge of the Sky Li Shang-yin p. Chang-E Li Shang-yin p. The Wind Wang Bo p. Pavilion of the Yellow Crane Cui Hao p. In Retirement at Zhongnan Wang Wei pp. Mount Zhong-nan Wang Wei pp. Autumn Mountain Evening Wang Wei p.

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    Mission to the Frontier Wang Wei p. Watching the Chase Wang Wei p. To Magistrate Zhang Wang Wei p.

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    Searching for Master Yong Li Bai p. Seeing off a Friend Li Bai p. Captive Spring Du Fu pp. Moonlight Night Du Fu p. Ballad of the Frontier Du Fu p.

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    Bai-di Du Fu p. To My Guest Du Fu p. Village by the River Du Fu p. Jiang and Han Du Fu p.


    Thoughts of a Night on Board Du Fu pp. Grass on the Ancient Plain Bai Ju-yi p. Untitled Li Shang-yin pp. Untitled Li Shang-yin p. At the Po-shan Monastery Chang Jian p. See a Friend off to Wu Du Xun-he p. South Ferry, in Li-zhou Wen Ting-yun p. Drinking Alone under the Moon Li Bai pp.

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    Annemarie Schimmel. London, ; reprinted, London, Leiden, ; ed. Corbin and M. Tehran and Paris, ; French trans. Isabelle de Gastines. Yahya al-Khashshab, Cairo, ; ed. Paris,; repr. Mahmud Ghanizada.