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While this may sound like a lofty dream, it is in fact very real, and we invite you to join us. How will you embody Love in Action?

The Will to Love and be Loved | Michael Neill

Read to the end — it is worth every syllable. Love spreads when we extend ourselves from the heart. Through service and serving others selflessly, we literally create love. Love in Action begins with the self. We must each at some point in our healing path, pain or crisis find the will to transform through love.

Love is the expression of the Divine, of the God within each of us. When we reach a moment of pure love, it is pure light, pure divinity. Real and lasting healing takes place during a spiritual shift, which can be an aha-moment, a deeply profound experience or a small miracle.

Men, Masculinity, and Love

They bring new awareness or insight, which literally frees us from the attachment to pain, guilt, worry and upset from past incidents and lifetimes. First, because people have an inherent propensity to be fair to others, recipients of generosity feel pressured to reciprocate it.

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Thus, when you are generous to others, you attract generous behaviors from them in return. Second, in a phenomenon known as homophily, when you are generous, chances are, you will attract others who are similarly generous to you. Finally, and this may be the most important reason why being generous enhances happiness levels, is because of the story you tell yourself.


When you are generous, the story you tell yourself is that you have everything you need and more, which is why you can afford to be generous. In contrast, when you are miserly and greedy with your affection, the story you tell yourself is that you are a beggar who is dissatisfied with what you have and that you need more to be happy. A well-kept secret to happiness, then, is to practice generosity.

An unspoken assumption underlying this way of thinking is that being generous requires significant resources. In fact, being generous need not involve the expenditure of any resources. For the final project in the class that I teach, I urge my students to think of a creative way in which they can bring joy and happiness to complete strangers. Students are charged with the task of finding simple and creative ways to spread joy to others. For example, one of the teams bought and donated equipment to repair and construct houses—an act that involved the expenditure of significant resources.

Another group, in contrast, simply wore goofy costumes and stood on street corners and jumped around while holding a "smiley" placard. Remarkably, both groups experienced an equal boost in happiness levels, suggesting that, from the standpoint of enhancing happiness levels, it is more important to act with the intention of being generous than it is to expend significant resources.

As echoed in Mother Teresa's famous quote, it is more important to do small things with great love than to do great things with little love. If you are curious about the effect that the need to love can have on your happiness levels, why not play a "happiness prank" on someone? Consider leaving a box of chocolates outside your favorite and unsuspecting neighbors' door. Or pay for the person standing in line at the coffee shop. Babies need love. Adults do not "need" love. This is a fallacy which gets many people ob trouble. Adults wilk not die without love. Thanks for your comment, Anon.

As Robert notes in his comment, I think it depends on what one means by "love". Strictly speaking--that is, using the word need only for those things that are absolutely necessary for short-term survival--even babies don't need love. But, in order to be psychologically healthy, everyone including adults need love. More precisely, they need to feel connected with others. Feeling isolated, as Cacioppo notes in his excellent book, "Loneliness" can lead to a slew of not just psychological, but even physiological ailments.

Are you sure babies don't require love to stay alive. I remember hearing that there were circumstances of death occurred due to the baby losing appetite and no longer eating. Anyway, I'm on the anonymous posters side that For the ego, it's absolutely necessary to be happy, but then that's not true happiness Everyone needs love nacceptance, even pets. Thanks for this great article.

It says, in more modern terms, and with some modern research, what I've quietly suspected. The prescriptions from many of the old spiritual traditions are prescriptive, but with the prescription leading to happiness. There is a comment above stating, "Adults will not die without love. Otherwise, however, and having to do with more of the essence of what it is to be a human being, they darn sure can wither away.

I too find it fascinating that a number of long-standing spiritual principles are being supported by new scientific evidence. Thanks for bringing attention to this, Robert! I could completely relate to the fact that receiving love and generosity is harder to deal with. Being judged and burden of expectations of reciprocation can sometimes turn into a haunting fear and make one a recluse shutting doors for give and take and making one unhappy.

Draya Michele’s “Will to Love” Movie Gets Its Air Date and Sneak Peek!

Draya, as well, is a friend of mine. How do you feel about acting?

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  6. How did you come up with the title? We had a few working titles. We came up with the title while throwing around some names. A couple things that we had and I forgot who hit it on the nose but when we hit the title Will to Love, we knew once we came up with that title that it was perfect. It says everything about the movie. There are limited opportunities for African Americans in Hollywood. Why was it important for you to transition from being in front of the camera to working behind the camera, as well? For me, God blessed me with a huge opportunity to be in the business.

    Heart - The Will To Love (1990)

    I feel like with opportunity we can go so much further. With my film company, I feel like putting the new talent and the newcomers in the position to be able to shine and be able to show their talent; it is really important me.

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    I think this film company is really important. What are some other projects you are working on?